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MIC Welcomes New Leaders


Miceli Infrastructure Consulting has long been known as uniquely positioned between innovators and owners offering technology transfer, marketing, business development, and social media services. MIC is pleased to announce new area leaders joining the team, Michelle Harnish and Damien Newton. 

Ms. Harnish has been named Director of Marketing and will be leading all investor relations, marketing, and creative efforts. Ms. Harnish has extensive C-Level experience in international marketing, crisis communications, and branding. "With nearly 30 years experience in international business and communications in both the high tech and NDT sectors, Ms. Harnish brings a wealth of invaluable knowledge to our clients coupled with the ability to executive plans effectively," said Marybeth Miceli, President and Founder of MIC.

Mr. Damien Newton joins the MIC team as Director of Policy and Social Media. Mr. Newton brings 20+ years of transportation policy experience to the MIC team. He is an award-winning journalist with extensive nonprofit leadership and grant-writing experience. "Mr. Newton's expertise really rounds out MIC's offerings and allows us to step up our policy consulting and social media game as well as enhances our nonprofit and SEO offerings. We're excited to have him aboard," said Miceli. She went on to add, "With this new leadership team in place we can continue our growth trajectory and bring about change in the industry more effectively."

MIC Presents A CLOSER LOOK - Winter 2019

Miceli Infrastructure Consulting, LLC recently opened an office in Louisiana in order to better serve the infrastructure community there. Their DBE status in LA is pending reciprocity with CA. We look forward to collaborating with the great engineering consultants in the Gulf Coast from this location and working together to preserve and extend the lives of structures in this region.

MIC Presents A CLOSER LOOK - Winter 2019

Transportation Research Board Round Up
Miceli’s 2019 TRB Summary: Publications, Market Contraction and More

In January, Miceli Infrastructure Consulting’s President, Marybeth Miceli attended the National Academy of Sciences’ Transportation Research Board Annual Conference.  For those of you unfamiliar, TRB sets the direction for the research topics and monies for the transportation industry, working closely with AASHTO to address real world problems.
Despite the snow and the shutdown, the conference was well attended, rumored at over 14,000 attendees. Miceli serves on the AFF40 Committee – Testing and Evaluation of Transportation Structures and regularly attends the SHM Joint Subcommittee, Subcommittee on NDE, as well as committee meetings on Bridge Preservation, Structures Maintenance and Bridge Management.  We will cover some of the highlights here for those who were not able to attend.
But first from a business perspective, last year there were 17 companies exhibiting who claimed to be SHM companies, this year there were 8.  Start-up companies in the SHM space rarely make it due to the slow adoption rates of the DOTs not fitting well with VC firms.  We’re working to fix this so that innovation is not stifled in the bridge industry…but more on that in the months to come.
While we’re on SHM, the Joint subcommittee has brought forward a structural monitoring guidance document for DOTs on how to put together a program, what are the technologies out there, and how to get actionable data from structural monitoring to utilize in decision making. At the time of publishing, the three parent committees were commenting and voting on the guidance document. Stay tuned for more information on this publication as the year progresses.
In general, the theme of the majority of the presentations at the conference revolved around the integration of technology into bridge inspection, maintenance, and preservation.  From increased sophistication in UAS usage, to inspection apps for tablets, to machine learning in NDT, to use of satellites for deflection measurements, it is clear that the inspection and preservation world is pushing the use of technology forward.  Perhaps next year we will need to have a session or workshop about how to most efficiently get these new technologies and methods into practice and ways to achieve Return on Investment (ROI) from them.
One thing that is obvious is that TRB continues to serve an enormous need in the industry, acting as a research conduit for AASHTO members’ challenges.  We just need to decide how, as an industry, we can take the research through the specification process and into every day usage in a more expedited manner so that companies pushing innovation make a profit on timelines consistent with other industries, lest we risk losing these great minds to other more progressive industries. 

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