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Our Story

Miceli Infrastructure Consulting, LLC (MIC), founded in 2010, is recognized as the authority on technology transfer of sensing methods to the bridge infrastructure industry. Coining the phrase "parallel technology transfer", we bring cost effective and vetted structural health monitoring (SHM), nondestructive testing (NDT), and repair technology solutions to infrastructure owners which are affordable, proven in other infrastructure industries, realistic, results-focused and provide actionable and useful information for bridge management decisions.


MIC advocates a progressive diagnostics approach to all projects - urging owners to use the right technology at the right time to make the most of transportation funding. MIC’s mission is to bridge the gap between owners and technology providers to help make our world safer and our transportation system more efficient.


The experts in the MIC network have worked on the premier engineering and NDT challenges in the world. MIC brings together the industry experts from universities, engineering firms, designer firms, and sensor technology manufacturers. MIC is a certified SBE, WBE, and DBE in scientific and technical consulting.

We have Key Contacts within:

·       Department of Homeland Security

·       State DOTs across the U.S.

·       AAR and Rail Asset Owners

·       FHWA

·       USACE

·       Oil & Gas Sector

·       Nuclear Sector

·       Power Generation Sector

·       Shipping Sector

·       Aerospace Sector

·       Private and public engineering firms

·       International infrastructure agencies

·       Construction Firms

·       Prestigious Universities Worldwide

·       Manufacturers and Service Providers

·       Key media outlets

The MIC expert Network tackles preservation challenges such as:

·       Fatigue and Fracture

·       Scour

·       Corrosion

·       Spalling

·       Delamination

·       Load Posting

·       Impact Damage

·       Bearing Problems

·       Thermal Loading Issues


MIC is a certified WBE (WBENC), SBE, and DBE

Let Us Help

Doing More with Less

Owners, overburdened with trying to do more with less, don’t have the resources to allocate manpower to researching and vetting technologies. Worse yet, some technologies and service providers fail to deliver meaningful data leaving owners with the impression that sensors and monitoring are a waste of valuable funds.  However, data shows that using the right technology at the right time leads to better asset management and more cost-effective decision-making.  We are here to help.


Vetted Experts & Technologies

MIC will work with you to assess your needs and pull together the most effective technologies and experts to help you meet your end goals.  Let us introduce you to vetted experts and technologies which have decades of experience in providing tailored, cost effective solutions for infrastructure owners.  MIC recommends proven technologies on projects but also keeps abreast of emerging technology developments that can lead to more efficient management decisions and ultimately save owners money.


Worldwide Experience

The experts in our network have worked on projects from the George Washington Bridge to the Empire State Building, from various professional ballparks to DOD projects.  For a package including project sheets, resumes and a description of our services, please contact us at  


Solutions Include:

- Advanced Sensors

- NDT Technologies

- Lifetime Monitoring

- Construction Monitoring

- Structural Health Monitoring

- Structural Response Monitoring

- Finite Element Modeling

- Retrofit and Repair Testing

- Life Extension

- Metallurgical Forensics

- Failure Analysis

- Materials Testing

Find out more about our President and Founder






Marybeth Miceli, CEng


Ms. Miceli founded the consulting firm Miceli Infrastructure Consulting (MIC) Los Angeles, CA in 2010 and is also a co-founder of the We-NDT Marketing Network (NV). Ms. Miceli has 20 years experience in nondestructive evaluation and testing. She is a Materials Science Engineer with a background in civil infrastructure, technology transfer, failure analysis, quality assurance, advanced sensors, and structural monitoring. Ms. Miceli works with asset owners to determine which NDT and SHM technologies should be used on their structures to get actionable data. Ms. Miceli’s work has ranged from Infrared Thermography on FRP bridge decks to acoustic microscopy research to field testing of assets using UT, ET, MT, PT and VT as well as strain gages and many advanced sensors. She has worked on various projects from the antenna of the Empire State Building and Ground Zero following 9/11, to multiple baseball stadiums, military assets, and well over 100 bridges. Ms. Miceli is also a consultant for the Department of Homeland Security on aging infrastructure and on the FHWA LTBP SHM and NDT advisory group.


Ms. Miceli has just begun her second 3-year term on the Board of Directors for the ASNT, served a 2-year term as the Section Operations Chair and 5 years as the Chair of their Infrastructure Committee on the T&E Council. She is ASNT’s youngest fellow and has served on the Governance Committee 11 years. Ms. Miceli has been the recipient of an ASNT Research Fellowship, the Young NDT Professional Award and the Mentoring Award and is the 2016 recipient of the Charles N. Sherlock Meritorious Service Recognition. She also helped create the awards for Advancement of Women in NDT, Advancement of Veterans in NDT, as well as the William F. Via Lifetime Service Award for Bridge NDT.


Additionally, Ms. Miceli is the Secretary on the Board of Directors for the American Aerospace Technical Academy, which provides free NDT training to Veterans and disadvantaged young adults in the Los Angeles area. 


Ms. Miceli is a Chartered Engineer and Member of BINDT, an invited member of ISHMII, currently serving on the ASTM E07.10 committee and the editorial board of the Journal for Civil Engineering. Ms. Miceli obtained her M.S. from Virginia Tech her B.S. from The Johns Hopkins University.


Ms. Miceli has appeared on Modern Marvels (History Channel), Fox News, Fox’s Morning Show with Mike and Juliet, WNBC,, CBS-KDKA, as well as in USA Today, CNN Money, and the Wall Street Journal, amongst others. Ms. Miceli is a social media pioneer in the NDT field and created, produced, and launched the social media-based NDT awareness campaign #whyiNDT on various platforms as well as the Flaw Photo Friday trend on LinkedIn.

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